Why Free Tubes?

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I’ve seen a few posts around that suggest I might be upsetting some people by making my image tubes free for non-profit use, especially those people who purchased my tubes from CILM and later from MistakenArt.

Well in defense of my decision to make my tubes available for free I will first state that I have not been under contract to any of the image license sites for over six months now. I am not obliged to any terms or conditions regarding my tubes with these sites anymore. Secondly, since ultimately these tubes belong to me I am free to do with them exactly as I wish. I would hope that for most people its a good thing to have something for free you might normally pay for.

I have recently come to the opinion that since these tubes are legitimately used 99.9% of the time and people like them so much It would be better to make them freely available rather than receive the very few dollars I used to get for selling them through a image license company.

If just one in every three downloaders purchased one of my prints I would easily exceed what I made from image licensing!

I leave that choice to the users of my tubes, however, to see more of my fantasy and science fiction artworks in tube form will ulitmately require more print purchases to be made.

Speaking of those of you who use my tubes, I’d really like to see what you do with them! So don’t be shy about sending them too me or sending me a url.

Frank Frazetta

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I was very Sad to read about the death of Frank Frazetta a few months ago. Frazetta’s fantasy and sci-fi work were always a major influences to me. However I was pleased to read that Frazetta’s cover for Conan the Conqueror sold for a reported one million dollars in November last year. It was one of those paintings where I actually bought the book because the artwork enticed me to do so!. I did originally see Frazetta’s artwork for A Princess of Mars in an auction catalog when I was working at Christies (mid nineties). So its probably not that surprising one of his Conan painting went for so much. All in all a sad day, and a great day for artists in the same genre .

Frank Frazetta

On another note I bought a copy of Icon a couple of years ago and it’s a great addition for any Frazetta fan.

Talking of Frazetta I’m surprised how little a lot of people know about his artistic influences especially J Allen St John and Frank E Schoonover. J Allen St John in particular really grabbed my interest when I was looking at Frazetta due to the dynamic compositions of his pulp covers. It’s not hard to see where Frazetta drew a lot of his artistic style from when you have the chance to admire the art of J Allen St John. I’d certainly recommend this book from Amazon The Paintings of J Allen St John: Grand Master of Fantasy for anyone who has more than a passing interest in fantasy and sci-fi art.

J Allen St John

Q & A

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Checkout this months ImagineFX magazine (issue 59) I have a Q & A in this issue about painting worn leather. I revamped one of my old paintings for this one as the girls original jerkin was a bit newer looking. It was a good opportunity to repaint a fantasy piece that I liked. The original picture is actually available as part of my free tubes pack (for non profit use) so you can download it and have ago at creating the worn leather look yourself!

On a completely different note I’ve been spending a lot of time researching older illustrator styles. I was quite pleased to have stumbled across John Bauer a swedish illustrator from the turn of the last century read wiki entry here I can see where Rodney Matthews and Brian Froud found a lot of their inspiration (not to mention a lot of other illustrators). I came across him when I was looking at Larry MacDougalls blog a contemporary artist whos style I very much admire.
ImagineFX 59

ImagineFX issue 57

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A little late I know, but I was fortunate again last month to answer a couple of readers questions for Imaginefx. Theres always something different about doing these Q & A’s so it always fun to do.

The hooded figure was based on my son Jack who posed for me so I could get the lighting right. The viking ships were pretty tricky for a quick painting, but I managed to pull if off with a few decent references I found on the web.

Oh! and whilst I remember. Congratulatations to all those people who entered the ImagineFX Fantasy Football competition. Personally, it was great being a judge and looking over the entries. The last time I did any judging was as a moderator for the Art Wanted creative minds book a few years ago.