Dreamscape Challenge finished

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They’ve now closed the Dreamscape Challenge at CGSociety and it’s all down to the judges. It’s been a fantastic showcase with a lot of great entries on show. I highly recommend that you check out the final entries for the competition.

I couldn’t resist making a few more edits to my entry last week. It’s taken me quite a while to settled on a final version, but that’s what happens when you walk away from a painting and come back to it. You always find more to do!

Check out the finished version in my Surreal Gallery, theres a larger version on my DA page if you prefer. I’m actually quite proud to have taken part and rendered something that I’m personally happy with. I made sure that I added enough touches to pay tribute to my heroes of the surreal movement like Salvador Dali and Rene Margritte, but ultimately its Bill Corbett!