Art Class

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Checkout the Art Class is this months ImagineFX magazine (issue 70). I was fortunate enough to mentor a very talented young artist from Brazil by the name of Luisa Rafida. We corresponded over her fantasy painting and I provided help in the form of advice and technical know how. It was really fun to do and Luisa was a great student. You can see the final result on Luisa’s Deviantart art page here

Warhammer Invasion

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I was quite fortunate last year to be able to paint ‘Sacrifice to Khaine’ for the Warhammer Invasion Card Game, The Morrslieb Cycle. (c) Games Workshop Limited 2011

I have always wanted to do something Warhammer related to this was a great opportunity given to me by Fantasy Flight Games. I don’t play these card games myself but I’m always interested in seeing the illustrations painted for them.I guess I’m quite fortunate having painted so many myself for other games.

I’ve posted a copy of the original image in my gallery for viewing. The card itself is now available through the ‘Chaos Moon’ edition of the Morrslieb Cycle – if you happen to be a player/collector.

See the Fantasy Flight Games Website for more details..

Countryside Mural

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I’m working on some sketches for an outdoor mural at the moment. The finished painting will cover either one or two walls around a seating area at a nursing home. I need to plan something that is both soothing and calming to the viewer so I’ve been spending a little time looking at the rapeseed fields around Kent during the Easter break. I’ve painted this digital sketch to get going on with for now but I’m planning on doing an acrylic preliminary too. Keep an eye out for the post, and I’ll post the mural too once its been painted!