Mural for Winchester House

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A few months ago I was asked if I would paint a mural for Winchester House Care Home in Rochester Kent. My wife is a carer on one of the dementia units at the home and recommended me  to the activities team. The mural was needed to serve as a backdrop to a sensory garden for the residents at the home so I was glad to volunteer my help.

jumbleYou may recall that I posted a digital painting of how the mural would possibly look in an early post here. It was a typical spring rapeseed landscape, very typical for this part of Kent.

I can proudly announce that I’ve finished the mural!

For those of you interested in the details: The mural covered three main walls and a small archway. It took 25 hours approximately to paint and the vast majority was painted using masonry paint. I used a little acrylic mixed with masonry paint in some of the mural, especially where a richer tone was required.

I’ve posted photos of the three main walls for you to see for yourselves.

Mural Left Mural Middle Mural Right