Men of Duty

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menofdutyHere’s another painting from the “Beyond the Narrow Seas” pack a “Harsh Mistress” Game of Thrones living card games.

I have to say that I really enjoyed painting this one for Fantasy Flight Games.

I was asked to paint men of the watch making their vows amid the weirwood trees (the ones with the faces that appear to be weeping blood). I’ve always been a sucker for anthromorphic trees so this assignment was a real treat!

Ghost of Winterfell!

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ghost of winterfellFantasy flight games have released their latest Chapter pack for a Game of Thrones Living Card Games. this is the forth pack from “Beyond the Narrow Seas” entitled “A Harsh Mistress”. I was very lucky to paint some of the cards in this pack and seeing that they’ve now been released I can share my experience of the process.

This one is entitled “Ghost of Winterfell”. My brief was to paint two men passing on a snowy night both aware that one or the other may be a ghostly assassin (or something along those lines). This was a fun one to do having just watched the first season of the TV game of thrones series.

Big thanks to my sons Louis and Jack for posing for this painting.

ImagineFX Pulp and More

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Check our a great edition of ImagineFX this month! The focus is on pulp art which is one of my favorite forms of fantasy and science fiction art. There’s some great workshops and plenty of other features to keep Fantasy & Sci-Fi Art lovers more than Happy!

ImagineFX 86

..It just so happens that I have two QA’s in this issue! Check out the two questions I answered this month and lookout for a rare bit of line art from yours truly.

Winters Veil

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A short time ago I was asked by Chris Poore and Alan Lesser of rock band Winters Veil to come up with a cover to cover piece of artwork for their debut album The Storm Awakens. I already knew Chris from a previous band Crimson Altar as I painted the cover for their album The Ghost Ship Sails, so it was good to work with him again, and with Alan too. The guys had definite ideas of what they wanted so it made my job a lot easier I must say.


The Album is already available for download, with the CD due to come out very soon. I definitely recomend you checkout their site and have a listen to some great tracks.

Click on the Picture to see the full artwork, or click here

Rust and Dust

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ImagineFX 81
Take a look at my two QA’s in this months ImagineFx magazine. See how I paint a rusty portcullis in one of the question columns, and how I create a gritty desolate landscape in the other. As always its really cool getting the opportunity to paint and write for ImagineFX magazine!