ImagineFX Magazine Update

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Checkout the latest edition of ImagineFX magazine and you’ll see another two QA columns from yours truly. I made a timelaspse video for the reflection question which you can view on the ImagineFX youtube channel (the link is available in the magazine). I even added my own commentary!!

As always it was great fun answering questions and painting for the readers of ImagineFX, and hopefully my advise was useful to more than one reader.


ImagineFX 100

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Checkout ImagineFX one hundreth issue! A great edition or which I’m again lucky to feature on the Q&A panel!

As part of the QA I created a timelapse video which you can watch here:

Space Fortress Video

Imaginefx 100

It was a lot of fun working on the horror poster and space fortress for the QA and the video was a real challenge!

As always there are a lot of great artists to admire and learn from in this super edition of a great magazine!

I forgot to post my last two QA’s for ImagineFX (been very busy) Sorry about that!

Art Class ImagineFX

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ImagineFX 87

Checkout this months ImagineFX where I mentor artist Martin Nancekievill in the Art Class feature. This was the third art class for me so it was good to be asked to mentor another excellent aspiring artist. Martin was great to correspond with and was so full of ideas that it just made my job easy – I enjoyed the experience and I’m glad that he did to.

As always there are plenty of great features in ImagineFX magazine and above all some great paintings! Issue 87 is out now!

ImagineFX Pulp and More

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Check our a great edition of ImagineFX this month! The focus is on pulp art which is one of my favorite forms of fantasy and science fiction art. There’s some great workshops and plenty of other features to keep Fantasy & Sci-Fi Art lovers more than Happy!

ImagineFX 86

..It just so happens that I have two QA’s in this issue! Check out the two questions I answered this month and lookout for a rare bit of line art from yours truly.

Perspective and Staircases

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I’ve got another two QA’s for you to checkout in this months ImagineFX magazine (issue 80). Follow my step by steps as I show you how to create a creepy spiral staircase, and then find out how to create a perspective grid from scratch in paintshop pro (or just your favorite paint program).

ImagineFX 80

As always there are great pictures and articles for the SF & Fantasy Art enthusiast to enjoy, not to mention workshop and QA’s by other artists to delve into – out now!