The Dark Half – Deviation One

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One of my darker deviation from DeviantArt!

Count Erweight by BillCorbett on deviantART

More to follow!

QA for ImagineFX Magazine

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ImagineFX 79
Checkout this months edition of ImagineFX magazine (issue 79). There’s a really interesting piece on Wayne Barlowe that I highly recommend, quite surreal!

If you’re interested in gaming theres some interesting concept work for Batman Arkham Asylumn thats well worth taking a look at.

However I reserve the best to last, make sure you get to see the excellent sketches by John Howe an artist who’s work I greatly admire. Oh and did I mention that I have two Q&A sections in this months edition?

Fantasy Sunset

One of the QA’s you might recognise if you’ve looked through my gallery before. I’ve changed my colourful sunset for the QA article and given it more of a fantasy theme. The other QA is a new sketch that I made in artrage for a three step explanation of how to paint decaying flowers.

Autumn Garland

As always I am really honored to have my words and pictures featured in ImagineFX magazine, but more than all I recommend it as a quality publication for all lovers of the digital fantastic!

Dreamscape Challenge finished

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They’ve now closed the Dreamscape Challenge at CGSociety and it’s all down to the judges. It’s been a fantastic showcase with a lot of great entries on show. I highly recommend that you check out the final entries for the competition.

I couldn’t resist making a few more edits to my entry last week. It’s taken me quite a while to settled on a final version, but that’s what happens when you walk away from a painting and come back to it. You always find more to do!

Check out the finished version in my Surreal Gallery, theres a larger version on my DA page if you prefer. I’m actually quite proud to have taken part and rendered something that I’m personally happy with. I made sure that I added enough touches to pay tribute to my heroes of the surreal movement like Salvador Dali and Rene Margritte, but ultimately its Bill Corbett!


Dreamscape CG Challenge XXVI

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CGTalk or CGSociety (if you prefer) occasionally have a CG Challenge, and currently they’re taking entries for Dreamscape CG Challenge XXVI. I’ve entered previous CG Challenges, but have only managed to complete two of my entries fully. However this time I am determined to complete a third! Checkout my work in progress and feel free to give me a bit of feedback.

There’s already some great entries posted already. You’re find a great selection of scifi, fantasy, surreal and horror and in all different digital formats, 3D Modelling, Photo Manipulation and digital painting. Check it out!

If the kids are united..

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I was wondering what happened to the publicity artwork I did for Sham69, and found a couple of samples on their facebook page (the official one). I’m glad they put the caricatures I did for them to good use!