Expressive Fantasy

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Sorry for the lack of posts recently but I’ve been away on my holidays. I thought I’d give a mention regarding my QA in septembers ImagineFX magazine (issue 60). It was a great opportunity to use one of my more expressive artrage pieces for the question to be answered. It’s a style I’ve been moving towards due to how natural it feels when painting, I was reasonably pleased with the expressive qualities of paint stroke I got out of artrage, and especially the research I’ve made into John Bauer.


Free Tubes Update
Some people have mentioned that they are having a problem downloading my free-tubes. All I can recommend is that you try downloading a few times to get a non-corrupt file. I don’t know why it is happening, but my web hosting is free and therefore not entirely within my control or accountability. Sorry to those of you who have encountered this problem, I will try and find an alternatively download host for the files in the near future.

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