Frank Frazetta

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I was very Sad to read about the death of Frank Frazetta a few months ago. Frazetta’s fantasy and sci-fi work were always a major influences to me. However I was pleased to read that Frazetta’s cover for Conan the Conqueror sold for a reported one million dollars in November last year. It was one of those paintings where I actually bought the book because the artwork enticed me to do so!. I did originally see Frazetta’s artwork for A Princess of Mars in an auction catalog when I was working at Christies (mid nineties). So its probably not that surprising one of his Conan painting went for so much. All in all a sad day, and a great day for artists in the same genre .

Frank Frazetta

On another note I bought a copy of Icon a couple of years ago and it’s a great addition for any Frazetta fan.

Talking of Frazetta I’m surprised how little a lot of people know about his artistic influences especially J Allen St John and Frank E Schoonover. J Allen St John in particular really grabbed my interest when I was looking at Frazetta due to the dynamic compositions of his pulp covers. It’s not hard to see where Frazetta drew a lot of his artistic style from when you have the chance to admire the art of J Allen St John. I’d certainly recommend this book from Amazon The Paintings of J Allen St John: Grand Master of Fantasy for anyone who has more than a passing interest in fantasy and sci-fi art.

J Allen St John

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