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Free downloads

Please note that only the artwork below is stated as free for use. All other arworks belonging to the artist are not free for use.

In exchange for using these tubes please consider purchasing one of my prints (link above and to the right hand side) and I will consider making more artwork available in the future.

Free Tubes!

Terms of use:

1 ) These images are for strictly non-profit use only.

2  ) These images may not be altered unless they are respectful to the artists work.

3 ) These images may not be animated unless they are respectful to the artists work.

4 ) Credit to the artist must be included on all creations, this includes a visible reference to:

5 ) Do not distribute these images yourself, you may however provide a link to them at the URL above.

6 ) Desaturation and digital colorization is aceptable as long as the orignal painting is not altered beyond these techniques.

7 ) No more than twenty percent embelishment is allowed (this only applies to the tube image not backgrounds or borders).

8 ) These images cannot be sexualized in any shape or form, strictly no nudity.

There are 10 images in PSD format in each pack. Click on the preview to download the pack. ENJOY!!

Free Tubes Pack 1

Free Tubes Pack 2

Free Tubes Pack 3