New Sham69 Album Cover

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I was fortunate earlier this year to work on new artwork for the band Sham69, and it looks as if the new album is about to be released to the public according to the official website :


Was a lot of fun creating this nostalgic type of artwork for the band. The direction they gave me for the artwork was “think of the film Escape to Victory”, and I just took it from there! Click on the above to view the original artwork.

QA for ImagineFX Magazine

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ImagineFX 79
Checkout this months edition of ImagineFX magazine (issue 79). There’s a really interesting piece on Wayne Barlowe that I highly recommend, quite surreal!

If you’re interested in gaming theres some interesting concept work for Batman Arkham Asylumn thats well worth taking a look at.

However I reserve the best to last, make sure you get to see the excellent sketches by John Howe an artist who’s work I greatly admire. Oh and did I mention that I have two Q&A sections in this months edition?

Fantasy Sunset

One of the QA’s you might recognise if you’ve looked through my gallery before. I’ve changed my colourful sunset for the QA article and given it more of a fantasy theme. The other QA is a new sketch that I made in artrage for a three step explanation of how to paint decaying flowers.

Autumn Garland

As always I am really honored to have my words and pictures featured in ImagineFX magazine, but more than all I recommend it as a quality publication for all lovers of the digital fantastic!


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I don’t get as much time to do my own pictures as I used to, but this was a pretty interesting experiment I did with artrage. John Bauer was my primary influence for this picture although there might have been a  little Arthur Rackham thrown in too. So here it is a wimsical piece of fantasy art inspired by early nineteenth century illustration.

witcha way

I’m really taken with the ‘Artrage studio Pro’ at the moment and I just wish I had more time to play around with the new features more.

Expressive Fantasy

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Sorry for the lack of posts recently but I’ve been away on my holidays. I thought I’d give a mention regarding my QA in septembers ImagineFX magazine (issue 60). It was a great opportunity to use one of my more expressive artrage pieces for the question to be answered. It’s a style I’ve been moving towards due to how natural it feels when painting, I was reasonably pleased with the expressive qualities of paint stroke I got out of artrage, and especially the research I’ve made into John Bauer.


Free Tubes Update
Some people have mentioned that they are having a problem downloading my free-tubes. All I can recommend is that you try downloading a few times to get a non-corrupt file. I don’t know why it is happening, but my web hosting is free and therefore not entirely within my control or accountability. Sorry to those of you who have encountered this problem, I will try and find an alternatively download host for the files in the near future.