Fantasy Football

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Football is definately big on my agenda lately! Not only did I get to see Millwall win their first Wembley final (their first ever playoff triumph) but I also got to paint something along a football theme for Imagine FX magazine recently.

They’re having a competition for their readers to paint a fantasy football team player, ‘Fantasy’ being the key word! Now that the competition is official I can post the image I painted to help promote the competition.
It’s meant to be Wayne Rooney depicted as a troll Orc like character, hopefully its still a reasonalble likeness despite the fantasy embelishments.

I also get to be on the judging panel for the competition (which is pretty cool) so I’m looking forward to seeing all the entries that come in.  Should be a lotta fun!

Here’s a link to the competition Imagine FX fantasy football

Still on the football theme the world cup kicks of this friday with England playing their first match on saturday. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a great start to the tournament!