Men of Duty

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menofdutyHere’s another painting from the “Beyond the Narrow Seas” pack a “Harsh Mistress” Game of Thrones living card games.

I have to say that I really enjoyed painting this one for Fantasy Flight Games.

I was asked to paint men of the watch making their vows amid the weirwood trees (the ones with the faces that appear to be weeping blood). I’ve always been a sucker for anthromorphic trees so this assignment was a real treat!

Ghost of Winterfell!

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ghost of winterfellFantasy flight games have released their latest Chapter pack for a Game of Thrones Living Card Games. this is the forth pack from “Beyond the Narrow Seas” entitled “A Harsh Mistress”. I was very lucky to paint some of the cards in this pack and seeing that they’ve now been released I can share my experience of the process.

This one is entitled “Ghost of Winterfell”. My brief was to paint two men passing on a snowy night both aware that one or the other may be a ghostly assassin (or something along those lines). This was a fun one to do having just watched the first season of the TV game of thrones series.

Big thanks to my sons Louis and Jack for posing for this painting.

The Lord of the Rings

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The Highlands
Quite recently I was very lucky to get the opportunity to paint a few cards for the Fantasy Flight Games’s The Lord of the Rings; the card game. As I’ve always had an interest in the books of J. R. R. Tolkien I was more than happy to do so!

Since this card ‘The Highlands’ is in publication I’ve added a smaller copy of the original image to my gallery, which you can view right here on my blog.

The scene depicts a daunting view of the Emyn Muil and is appropriately part of the encounter set – The hills of Emyn Muil (available from Fantasy Flight Games).

The lord of the rings is a special trilogy for me, I first read it when I was around elven/twelve years old. Unfortunately I am not a fan of the Peter Jackson films but that does not diminish my love of the works of other artists who have interprited Tolkien themselves.

Game of Thrones

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I recently managed to watch the first season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. It was a real pleasure to watch a TV show that follows in the spirit of the original books by George R. R. Martin, especially after the personal disappointment of the antipodean Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Great locations, excellent acting especially from Sean Bean as Eddard Stark and Charles Dance as Tywin Lannister , also worth mentioning that Peter Dinklage does a good job as Tyrion Lannister. There are lots of great performances in the show just too many to list here!

It reminded me of the Game of Thrones artwork I did for Fantasy Flight Games quite a while back. I’ve never played with collectable card games so I don’t really understand them to be honest, but having the chance to illustrate from something you’ve read is quite a frill. My own personal favorite from the bunch was the very first one I did for Fantasy Flight Games called Summer. I enjoyed doing that one the most.

Game of Thrones

Now I’m looking forward to the second season of Game of Thrones, I really do hope that HBO keep up the excellent work they’ve done with the series so far..

Warhammer Invasion

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I was quite fortunate last year to be able to paint ‘Sacrifice to Khaine’ for the Warhammer Invasion Card Game, The Morrslieb Cycle. (c) Games Workshop Limited 2011

I have always wanted to do something Warhammer related to this was a great opportunity given to me by Fantasy Flight Games. I don’t play these card games myself but I’m always interested in seeing the illustrations painted for them.I guess I’m quite fortunate having painted so many myself for other games.

I’ve posted a copy of the original image in my gallery for viewing. The card itself is now available through the ‘Chaos Moon’ edition of the Morrslieb Cycle – if you happen to be a player/collector.

See the Fantasy Flight Games Website for more details..