New Sham69 Album Cover

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I was fortunate earlier this year to work on new artwork for the band Sham69, and it looks as if the new album is about to be released to the public according to the official website :


Was a lot of fun creating this nostalgic type of artwork for the band. The direction they gave me for the artwork was “think of the film Escape to Victory”, and I just took it from there! Click on the above to view the original artwork.

Winters Veil

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A short time ago I was asked by Chris Poore and Alan Lesser of rock band Winters Veil to come up with a cover to cover piece of artwork for their debut album The Storm Awakens. I already knew Chris from a previous band Crimson Altar as I painted the cover for their album The Ghost Ship Sails, so it was good to work with him again, and with Alan too. The guys had definite ideas of what they wanted so it made my job a lot easier I must say.


The Album is already available for download, with the CD due to come out very soon. I definitely recomend you checkout their site and have a listen to some great tracks.

Click on the Picture to see the full artwork, or click here