ImagineFX Pulp and More

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Check our a great edition of ImagineFX this month! The focus is on pulp art which is one of my favorite forms of fantasy and science fiction art. There’s some great workshops and plenty of other features to keep Fantasy & Sci-Fi Art lovers more than Happy!

ImagineFX 86

..It just so happens that I have two QA’s in this issue! Check out the two questions I answered this month and lookout for a rare bit of line art from yours truly.

Golden age Sci-Fi

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I’ve done quite a few of the “Artist Q&A” for ImagineFX magazine, but it’s always good to answer a question with artwork that you really enjoy doing. My contribution to issue 56 was exactly that! It was a lot of fun to do and great to see it in print too. I tend to do more fantasy related work for a lot of my clients so this was a nice change of pace with some Science Fiction (something I don’t do enough of). I couldn’t help but think of Kelly Freas when I painted my ‘Golden age Sci-Fi’ alien with all the tentacles and stuff; I guess he was my inspiration for this project.

I’ve always been a sucker for nostalgia and pulp fiction, or pulp science fiction if you prefer. When it comes to the golden age of sci-fi it’s the period from the 1940’s to the 1980’s that interests me the most , especially the great artists that illustrated during that wonderful era.