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In between pictures I’ve been taking the chance to research artists and illustrators that I may not have come across before ‘ John Bauer’ being one of those. It’s been a good exercise as I’ve managed to produce a few pictures influenced by what I’ve come across lately and I’ll update the gallery with one or two of them pretty soon. I’d definately recommend a visit to to see some fantastic illustration of yesteryear and a great source of inspiration.

In other news! I am again very fortunate to have another couple of QA’s in this months Imaginefx magazine. Grab it from your newsagent now!


Q & A

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Checkout this months ImagineFX magazine (issue 59) I have a Q & A in this issue about painting worn leather. I revamped one of my old paintings for this one as the girls original jerkin was a bit newer looking. It was a good opportunity to repaint a fantasy piece that I liked. The original picture is actually available as part of my free tubes pack (for non profit use) so you can download it and have ago at creating the worn leather look yourself!

On a completely different note I’ve been spending a lot of time researching older illustrator styles. I was quite pleased to have stumbled across John Bauer a swedish illustrator from the turn of the last century read wiki entry here I can see where Rodney Matthews and Brian Froud found a lot of their inspiration (not to mention a lot of other illustrators). I came across him when I was looking at Larry MacDougalls blog a contemporary artist whos style I very much admire.
ImagineFX 59