New Sham69 Album Cover

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I was fortunate earlier this year to work on new artwork for the band Sham69, and it looks as if the new album is about to be released to the public according to the official website :


Was a lot of fun creating this nostalgic type of artwork for the band. The direction they gave me for the artwork was “think of the film Escape to Victory”, and I just took it from there! Click on the above to view the original artwork.

If the kids are united..

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I was wondering what happened to the publicity artwork I did for Sham69, and found a couple of samples on their facebook page (the official one). I’m glad they put the caricatures I did for them to good use!


Hersham Boys

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I was recently quite fortunate to do some publicity work for Sham69! A bit of a double bonus as the lead singer Tim is a Millwall fan like myself. Tim asked me to create caricatures of each of the band members including himself . I’m glad they weren’t too offended by their likenesses! There was this picture (Below) that you can see at Sham69 website

From left to right: Al Campbell, Ian Whitewood, Dave Parsons and Tim V


and a more colourful version that you can find here in the ‘people’ gallery.


For anyone interested Sham69 were a pioneering punk band from the seventies/early eighties who charted hit songs like ‘Hersham Boys’ and ‘If the kids are united’. They are still very much touring and playing live to audiences all around the world.