Fixes updates and social media

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You may have noticed that a lot of things havent been doing what they’re supposed to be doing on here lately. Yep, I’m guilty of extreme administration neglegence but hopefully you’ll forgive me when I tell you that I’ve fixed a lot of the problems the site was having.


First of I’ve changed the gallery to use the lightbox feature of NextGen gallery, for some reason the tiltviewer stopped working after the most recent updates. At least now you can view my pictures.

Secondly I’ve migrated all of the timelapse videos I had on YouTube (or google if you prefer) and they now live on daily motion. All of the embedded links are working once again. Hurrah! Also no more of the constant ad spamming!

Thirdly, I’ve removed google ads from this site. Pretty pointless having it on here to begin with so again I will hold my hand up to that waste of time.

Lastly, I’ve integrated Social Media buttons for those of you who find my blog interesting enough to share (for the art if not for the words).

Thanks as always for your continued support.