Up and running with the art galleries

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It took a little more time than I thought it would, but now I can take a long deep breath because all the galleries are now up. I’ve pretty much kept the old layout except I’ve split fantasy from science fiction and amalgamated the young adult and childrens illustrations into the other galleries. I’ve also added some of the my painting videos so there’s a space when I decide to add more of that type of content.

My next project will be based around the wiki (I hope) At the moment I’m contemplating creating a whole art and illustration technique and tutorial section along the lines of the Q & A’s I’ve written for ImagineFX. I might even create some of my own illustrated workshops with embedded video links to my youtube content. It’s still in the mix at the moment, but feel free to make suggestions.

I have to say that I’m really impressed with the ease at which I’ve been able to create this site with WordPress. The gallery plugin was really easy to use as was the ‘dirty blue’ theme I decided to activate for this site. I will write my own theme eventually but I think this one works for now.

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